Thursday, 18 March 2010

Ice Ice Baby: Freggo-go-go (home delivery ice cream!)

Sometimes (well to be honest a lot of the time), I just love my job. And especially when we get delivered tasty treats by PRs (hint, hint). Today, appropriately enough as the sun came out and I stepped out to get my lunch for the first time sans jacket, it was ice cream.

Spoons at the ready we opened the box.

Now it was a little bit confusing as although we had the whole menu, what we didn't have was what was actually in our box. So it was a bit of matching guesswork. The first curious spoon headed straight for the mystery purply one (bottom right).

'It looks like beetroot'

'You can't get beetroot ice cream'

'I had avocado ice cream once. Not good.'

'It definitely tastes like beetroot.'

'But beetroot isn't on the menu.'

'Hmm maybe it could be Malbec and berries.'

'Yes! It tastes like red wine.'

'It tastes like beetroot.'

'It tastes like a hangover.'

The others we worked out were: (top left across) strawberry sobert, dulce de leche, passionfruit sorbet, (bottom left) chocolate and almond and some sort of fruit and cream ice cream.

And the verdict:

A box like this is a hefty £10.95 delivered in London (free delivery in Zone 1 mind) using the Freggo-go-go scooter until 10pm. The original Freggo ice cream 'bar' (they are very insistant that they are not an ice cream palour) is open to a very clubbing-friendly 2am on Fridays and Saturdays. Fancy a Malbec ice cream instead of your usual glass of red come Friday night? I wonder if they can serve it in a wine glass...

27-29 Swallow Street

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