Monday, 15 March 2010

Just another manic Monday: Morcilla Spanish Omelette

Monday is a bit of a cooking void in our house. Another week of work, sigh. Detoxing after a weekend of (probably excessive) alcohol, sigh. And over-eating, sigh. Empty fridge and supermarket fatigue, sigh. It doesn't sound promising.

Everyone needs a cupboard meal. You know the one that is on standby if some shows up, cancels on you or it's just Monday again. To emphasis how much I hate Mondays I have two: risotto and frittata/Spanish omelette. Both fufil the three essential criteria of the cupboard meal:
1. ingredients that are always knocking around the cupboards/ fridge
2. easy adaptation for a multitude of finishing ingredients
3. a high tastiness-of-result to effort-put-in ratio (just in case it's that 'someone has turned up' option)

Risotto: onion, white wine, risotto rice and you're go with whatever veg/ dried mushrooms/ meat you have left over.
Fritatta: potato (of any kind altough I have found new potatoes work best - little so manoeuvrable in the pan plus don't go all fluffy and fall apart when you're cooking), eggs, onion are you're all set with some veg/ham etc

So with some leftover Morcilla from a recent trip to Spain it was Frittatatatatata Monday. To the basics I added:
3 Peppadew peppers (fantastic little fridge friends - spice up all sorts of salads, couscous etc)
1/2 red pepper
small bunch chives
1/2 pack pancetta
2 crushed dried chillis
some cream cheese mixed in the egg mix
sprinkle of smoked paprika

Pre-heat the grill. Mix up 4 eggs, cream cheese and chives and season while you par-boil the potatoes. Fry up the onion, some garlic, slices of potato and add the paprika.

Then add red pepper, morcilla, pancetta and sliced Peppadews. Pour over the egg mix and allow edges to set. The only difficult bit is making sure there is an even distribution of good stuff. No one wants a frittata full of veg while the watch the other person chow down all the meaty goodness...

Then whack under the grill until it rises and turns golden brown.

Voila! Other classic variations include: ham/chorizo plus courgette and a dash of wholegrain mustard in the mix; smoked salmon and spring onion; serano ham, asparagus and feta - the options for leftover goodness are endless.

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